Words -written and spoken


Vocalizing my thoughts has always been my favorite way to communicate. When I receive a phone call from family or friends, or I am surrounded by loved ones in a nice quiet setting, words will flow out of my mouth like water from a fountain…just ask my family 🙂 I love to see someone’s face during a one-on-one exchange of thoughts. I give others that same ample opportunity to observe me 🙂 My husband says I use my hands so much when I talk that if I sat on my hands, words would stop coming out of my mouth. I gesture with animated body language, and use facial expressions to convey my thoughts. I appreciate the added advantage of  listening to the tones of spoken words and the emotions that are detected just by hearing and watching.

Because I am more comfortable talking, writing isn’t usually my first choice to express my heart. However, early last year I started feeling this unusual compelling to write what the Lord was teaching me.  So, here I am, six months into writing this blog! Who would have thought? 🙂 I know it was the Lord stirring my heart to write. He affirmed this new way (for me) to communicate, by His Word, and through some encouragement from a dear mentor. The Holy Spirit started giving me impressions, affirming them with His Word, and then guiding the develop of those thoughts with instruction and correction. If I don’t hear a message from Him, I have nothing to write. I have always loved reading and am inspired by the talents of those able to craft a new thought or explain something with innovative skills in written form. It usually is a struggle for me to find words to write, to arrange them in a way that expresses my heart accurately, and to arrange them correctly. If the Lord had not given me the message, the drive and the courage to do so, there would not be a Salt Cinnamon and Love blog.


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In saying all that, I am discovering a deep appreciation for writing out thoughts, as I have benefited by it. Writing has become a way to release words and thoughts trapped inside of me like a plate of spaghetti pasta.  When spoken, these jumbled thoughts may straighten up for a period of time, but can often revert back to a jumbled state. The more I write, the more these thoughts untangle themselves. There is something about seeing thoughts in black fonts on a white screen that causes them to line up with greater clarity and become more entrenched within me. I can say “hmmmmm” if I don’t know what to say, but I sure can’t use it when writing. It is either there or it isn’t. It is my prayer that as I write, others will also have more clarity about our Heavenly Father’s heart, a deeper yearning for Jesus, and a greater awareness for the necessity of depending on His Holy Spirit.


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However, I believe the Lord has also led me to write this blog for another reason. I have gained access to the world of other bloggers. It is a privilege for me to follow some inspiring blog sites.

There is so much diversity. I read about God’s grace, redemptive power and love from those who have won the battle against abuse, addiction, cancer, infertility, diseases, abortion, bad relationships and abandonment. I see God given creativity implanted into those who use written words for prose or poetry, who capture beauty with photography or artwork,  and who cook, sew and design with talented expression.

There are those who hear from the Lord in prophetic ways and can usher forth a word to encourage, warn or edify. There are gifted teachers, able to research and document accurately, offering lessons that generate a deeper understanding of God. There are those still struggling, yet willing to be vulnerable and honest, describing their battles as they press on toward victory. Life experiences are described with humor, reality and wit. There are trail blazers who establish a new work or challenge others in new endeavors.

World wide, I see a greater picture of the true bride of Christ, His body, His church, His people. There is so much to appreciate about this bigger concept of who we are in Christ. There is so much more to God than what one would learn in a singular mainstream denomination. There is so more to experience within the wholeness of His Body world-wide, than what one would experience solely relating within familiar surroundings. There is more about praying than just praying for what we see and know, when the needs and struggles of others, we don’t know, are expressed. There is larger burden for the advancement of God’s Kingdom when indifference and unbelief are revealed. There is more to rejoice about with the countless testimonies of faith and overcoming victory through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is magnified by the many words of praise, spoken, sung, signed and written.

I express great gratitude to all of you whose blogs inspire and edify me. May the Lord be glorified by our voices and words!

1 Peter 5:12 Amplified Bible (AMP) By Silvanus, a true (loyal, consistent, incorruptible) brother, as I consider him, I have written briefly to you, to counsel and urge and stimulate [you] and to declare [to you] that this is the true [account of the] grace (the undeserved favor) of God. Be steadfast and persevere in it.

Connecting, with love


7 thoughts on “Words -written and spoken

  1. Ah Donna, I know exactly what you mean as I too was called to write by the Lord and was equally unprepared for what the blogosphere had to offer. So many blessings as you have described here. This post is exactly how I see it, and being a blogger has made me feel much more connected to the too often divided Body of Christ. I too am a talker (and with hands lol) not naturally a writer or even had much practice at writing until I began blogging and I too have had the same internal benefits from writing down thoughts, both on this blog and in a prayer journal. It is a blessing I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined the positive effect it has had on me and my life. and I am so glad to be sharing it with you. Blessings to you!

    • I’m so new at blogging I keep forgetting the catch word everyone uses to describe us bloggers…blogosphere. I actually know it, but can’t remember how to spell it and my spell check isn’t familiar with the word, so it keeps suggesting other random words. 🙂 Ok, cleared that up! I just added it to my spell check dictionary.:-) It is good for us to meet in this world wide blogosphere, as it helps us find kindred spirits that unite for the advancement of His Kingdom. I believe we can be encouraged if we remember our utter dependence on the Holy Spirit of Jesus and His comforting words that even the least in His kingdom have worth and usefulness in His eyes. I will be following you too!… love you…Donna

  2. Great post! God works in so many different ways because of the plethora of gifts He has given to us. You are blessed with many of His giftings. From my veiw, a few are: teachimg, encouragement, writing, gab {please don’t be offended; I miss our talks 😉 } Thank you for allowing our Lord to use you for His glory and my growth. (hands and all) Love you, t

    • T, you make we laugh with fond remembrances of our many talks! I miss them so much! My only regret is that I would have spent more time listening. You have always been someone I appreciated what you had to say. Your encouragement means alot to me. Love sharing this blogosphere world of praising Him with you, my gifted and talented friend. Love you…Donna

  3. Hi Donna, thanks for your message there is indeed Unity in The Spirit, we have the same focus and are of one mind because we have the Mind of Christ

    1Corinthians 2:9-16

    God does not want us to agree to disagree or argue or ignor differances, we are to go to Him if we disagree and in the Church He tells us their will be differances but that There is only one Truth, His ,… sadly so many do not ask for His wisdom or if they do they keep asking instad of being thankful.

    I’m Dyslestic , and find it very hard to write unless the Lord leads me but like you Donna it gives me great Joy even with the problems.

    Which reminds me, WordPress told me yesterday that it was the Bloggers that were stoping me leaving a Like. Interesting

    Christion love – Anne

    • Hello Anne,
      Thanks for your encouraging words. We both understand our great need for the Holy Spirit as we write what He puts on our hearts. We surely couldn’t without His help and inspiration.

      I don’t think I have anything on my site to block likes and I can’t imagine why any blogger would not want to be “liked”. That just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s such encouragement that what we write is being read and appreciated. Moderating helps me think and pray about my responses, but blocking likes just doesn’t seem beneficial at all. I hope you are able to get your situation fixed. I would love to see a like from you one day. :-)…love you…Donna

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