Fall art show in the mountains

Beauty in my part of the country……

These photos display some of the reason I love  fall so much. God has blessed us with four distinct seasons where I live. Each season has its own beauty and varied experiences of delight. However, fall seems to refresh me the most, because for one reason, it follows probably my least favorite season, summer, and precedes my second favorite time of the year, winter. I’m not a big fan of hot weather. :-} Secondly, as I look at the mountains, and the variety of red, orange, yellow colored leaves, I realize I live in an art gallery,  featuring the art work of God. Nature was created as a gift for us, and a way to help us focus on our Creator and His blessings. The mountains are sure doing a good job declaring His glory. I’ve also added some art work from some very creative people, to remember we are likewise purposed to declare His glory.

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