A Baby’s cry changes everything


On Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Christmas album is a song entitled How Suddenly a Baby Cries. The lyrics of the first line are “How suddenly a baby cries and all forever changed”. This phrase caused me to consider how Jesus Christ has indeed changed everything.


Concentrating on what Jesus has done, the basic concept for this post began to formulate. By basic I mean, a thought here, a belief there, random thoughts, not connected together. Every time I set out to write a post, those random thoughts are the first to appear in the draft. Even though I am new to blogging, I learned very quickly to appreciate the delete key when what I have written does not adequately express what I know or what I believe. I also use the delete key when my writing stumbles upon my lack of knowledge on a subject. As I try developing a thought, I realize I’m not able to adequately describe it just yet. I then have to consult with my Editor, the Holy Spirit, Who instructs me more thoroughly or leads me to another blog subject. If I sense there isn’t a confident flow with a certain draft, I will put it aside until a later date.

I have discovered that writing is a wonderful discipline and I welcome the challenge because it causes me to look at what I know, and discover what I don’t know. Yes, it is easy to readily agree that the birth of Jesus forever changed our world. It is something else to express that concept in a manner that reveals Β I own that truth. Restating truths gathered from others is not ownership. I own a revelation or truth when the Holy Spirit reveals it to me, and I then accept it by faith and seek to live it out. Once that truth belongs to me, I can express it with certainty and confidence. It holds steadfast in the light of God’s Word, as the Holy Spirit continues to work it out within me.


In admitting this, I broach this subject with caution. I want to devote December’s posts to some simple, but significant ways Jesus has changed things, things we don’t normally consider at Christmas.Β  I will not attempt to examine those bigger, more profound changes attributed to Jesus. This will be a process to clarify some simple truths for me. Hopefully others will appreciate the process as well.

Baby, Lamb, and Lion, Jesus has touched every aspect of our lives in this world. Regardless that those who deny Him would negate His impact, this truth will one day be fully revealed and totally validated by the Lord Himself. Until then we have opportunities to be blessed by the changes Jesus provided, if we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to welcome those changes into our lives.

This is the link to How Suddenly a Baby Cries by Keith and Kristyn Getty

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10 thoughts on “A Baby’s cry changes everything

    • Thanks for the nomination LubbyGirl. It is especially sweet because I appreciate your work so much! May God’s blessings continue for you and your family!…love you….Donna

  1. I grew up in an environment where Jesus and the Holy family is the center of Christmas celebration. That Jesus came as a gift of hope and salvation of us all. Today, it is easy to be lost with all the material trimmings the consumer world is trying to instill in our head but we all know that is not what this holiday is all about. Thanks for helping us remember. Happy holidays.

    • Merry Christmas to you and your family Island Traveler! In the world today we are like salmon swimming upstream when we determine in our hearts to remain steadfastly focused on Jesus Christ. May He give us that determination and focus. It blesses Him and surely blesses us! love you…..Donna

  2. Hi Donna, thank you for joining up with our Christmas Blog, we very much appreciate this but to be honest, I’m finding it hard to Post as my first priority is commenting on other peoples Blogs and I’m very far behind because of all the problems. I guess it is not a good time to start another Blog, everyone is so busy but then it really is the only time for a Christmas Blog, so please pray that I will be able to focus more on it.

    Your message was wonderful Donna and very uplifting, giving encouragement and a Joy in knowing God Loved us so much, it amazes me that people really believe God would not have recorded the most important event to ever happen in the world and Heaven too, Jesus Christ, the most wonderful Gift we have ever received being Born. But then like all Scripture, it can only be understood with True understanding when we have Spiritual eyes to see and to hear the voice of God, as it is all inspired by Him. Yes He can touch our heart with His Truth in the Scriptures even before we believe, Gideon’s have many wonderful conversion stories that confirm this Truth and He can also direct us through a Rehama ( Greek translation ) verse that touches our heart but to understand fully the things of God, we need The empowering of The Holy Spirit having asked for and received God’s wisdom found only in Jesus our only Teacher as He leads us into all Truth. 1Corinthians2 ( 9-16 )

    I hope to be able to show before Christmas clearly in Scripture the Truth that Jesus was Born on Christmas Day the 25th of December, there is so much confusion about this date but like you I wait on the Lord to lead me, with being Dyslectic and unable to write fluently, there is no other way for me, but yes you may have noticed I’m a cracked vessel with spelling and punctuation mistakes etc but God is the Super Glue and He knows what is really important, man only thinks he does.

    I loved the song Donna it was beautiful, I don’t have the gift of singing but my heart is often overflowing with Joy when I hear Worship and Praise to our Lord and I can’t help but to sing even if I’m out of tune.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • Anne, you and I are blessed with a song in our hearts, even if we “can’t carry a tune in a bucket”. For a long time the enemy reminded me so often that I didn’t sound good when I sang, that I repressed my singing. God released me from that bondage years ago and it is a great joy to sing to an audience of One….Him and Him alone. He always likes our love songs to Him.

      You are such an encourager and I can see how responding to all the fellow bloggers would take up so much of your time. God uses your comments in each post as much as He uses your posts! You are a blessing to many. I look forward to your posts whenever the door opens for your to publish the next one…..love you both…..Donna

  3. I just couldn’t depart your website prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard info a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check up on new posts

  4. Wow Donna you too, I am indeed tone death, I was just sharing about this recently with Marie a beautiful woman who has encouraged me greatly with her Blogging as you always do and others have done, how wonderful to be part of the Body of Christ even if as a far as worldly thinking we don’t measure up.

    I was sharing with Marie from Spirit Sisters, that even though I’m tone death, I still love to sing and I find that I have plenty of room when I do because for some reason everyone gives me lots of space, how kind they are πŸ™‚ But Wow do I sing loud and clear to the Lord on my Mobility bike and now and again I even forget I’m at the lights, I’m not sure why but no one has clapped me yet but they do smile? OK well at least they don’t cry πŸ™„ well not for too long!

    Christian Love – Anne

    • You make me laugh! We had a family joke about my singing. I used to sing to my children at night, when they were little, as I tucked them in bed. Everyone always said they went right to sleep so they wouldn’t have to hear the second verse. πŸ™‚

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