Fall art show in the mountains

Beauty in my part of the country……

These photos display some of the reason I love  fall so much. God has blessed us with four distinct seasons where I live. Each season has its own beauty and varied experiences of delight. However, fall seems to refresh me the most, because for one reason, it follows probably my least favorite season, summer, and precedes my second favorite time of the year, winter. I’m not a big fan of hot weather. :-} Secondly, as I look at the mountains, and the variety of red, orange, yellow colored leaves, I realize I live in an art gallery,  featuring the art work of God. Nature was created as a gift for us, and a way to help us focus on our Creator and His blessings. The mountains are sure doing a good job declaring His glory. I’ve also added some art work from some very creative people, to remember we are likewise purposed to declare His glory.

Beautiful late afternoon view of mountains

Scarecrows and pumpkins

Horses in the valley

A talented friend’s art work…merry-go-round pumpkin

Tree of mums

Colors of Fall



These are links to two recent posts from a new-found friend’s blog. Anne shares her testimony in the first one. She has gathered some very insightful information about Halloween, that is worthwhile reading. May you be blessed during this season of change and color! Praising our Lord and Savior for all He has blessed with now, and all that is to come.

connecting, with love


4 thoughts on “Fall art show in the mountains

  1. Thank you Donna first for sharing the Beauty of God’s Creation in your part of the world how blessed you are and I agree, Summer is also not the best time of the year for me but it has it’s beauty as I’m sure you would agree.

    Thank you also for the Pingbacks, I hope those who read them will be blessed. I appreciate greatly that we have the same focus which was shown from our first blogging meeting. God is a God of Unity not division The Holy Spirit does not say one thing to one person and something different to another when it contradicts but as we often experience He may share with you something that will uplift and encourage me and vise versa and I also value greatly that we can express openly what Jesus has shown us and be appreciated for it, thank you again.

    We are going on a Holiday soon Donna but will catch up with you when I get back.

    Christian Love from both of us Anne.

    • One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is the interaction I have experienced with sisters and brothers in Christ, as well as others I have been blessed to meet via the blog world. I know the Lord is pleased to hear His children speak in agreement, while declaring His glory and sharing His truths. I hope you and Ron have a wonderful holiday. My parents and sister are visiting with us this week and we are going back to their home next week for a visit. I have given Mom and Dad a hug as you requested. It made them smile.:-) Looking forward to reading your insights when you return. love you both…..Donna

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