Salt, cinnamon and love?

With acknowledgement to those who have opened my mind with your amazingly creative blogs, I thank you! You have inspired, taught, amused and challenged me to contemplate writing  my own blog.  Do you ever get that urgency to share a delicious truth the Holy Spirit has given you?  I do! That new-found truth begins to bubble up inside me and rises to my lips, ready to flow out like a tumbling waterfall, rushing over rocks and boulders. Ask my family and friends how many times they have been caught in that flow! 🙂 I absolutely love talking about our Great and Awesome God, and listening  to new insights about Him and His word! When someone  shares a deeper way to look at His truths or to understand His character more fully, I am irresistibly drawn toward that inspired revelation. The  speedy world of Facebook, and other social networks, demand quick and witty replies, which frustrate me at times.   When you read  Salt Cinnamon and Love,  it will be the overflow from my heart, as life happens and lessons are learned, and will tend to be longer that a FB post 🙂 You get to choose if you want to read this blog or not, and I get the release to let the overflow spill forth with each typed word.

Now about the title!  This week, as I opened my spice cabinet, I observed that the salt and cinnamon were side by side. For some random reason, it struck me to meditate on these two distinct seasonings.  Most are familiar with the attributes of salt for preserving and healing. Cinnamon delights our taste buds with a refreshing flavor, and is recommended by many to reduce inflammation.   Then you factor in love, which restores and fixes what is broken and needy. Healing, refreshing, restoring, and loving are themes that resonant in my heart, and not naturally.  It is what the Holy Spirit is doing within me.  The assurance of His love is a welcome comfort for me after reading the news,  seeing and even feeling the pain of others, as well as experiencing life’s hits personally. Our Father’s love was meant to be poured into us, and then out of us, for His glory, and the blessings of many. Only the Holy Spirit can infuse my soul with this kind of love,  for those I don’t know, may not personally like, or may not like me.  It doesn’t matter. Life worth living is a love saturated life.

I’m learning as I go, and writing as I learn. When I write or share something the Lord is teaching, it re-enforces the lesson for me. I also believe there are those who share these same beliefs and I yearn to join with kindred hearts. If you are looking for grammatical correctness, or a spelling queen bee, or even a deep theological mind….sorry! I will try my best to write with clarity.  However, you can expect  honesty, passion and devotion to Jesus. So, thus I begin!

Looking forward to connecting with you… with love!



17 thoughts on “Salt, cinnamon and love?

  1. Donna, I am thrilled you have started a blog. I love your insights and from personal experience your encouragement. I can’t wait to hear what the Lord pours thru you. LOVE YOU

  2. Oh! My! What beautiful words and thoughts! No apologies from you, girl! You are naturally gifted at sharing, with amazing beauty, your insights and special inspirations! Thanks for sharing with me. What a blessing it will be to read your blog.

  3. thank you dear Sister, I apprecciate your notes, you probably know that I am not FaceB, person, but I will be in touch with your blog

  4. Bring it on! I welcome every opportunity to share in what God is teaching you. You are such a blessing to me in so many ways. Love you!

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